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When you become a monthly donor, you join a group of highly committed individuals whose ongoing dedication sustains our work. You provide youth with crisis intervention, counseling, suicide prevention services, and shelter services at no cost to the client. Monthly donors are dedicated, strategic, and make our work attainable!

Thanks for your monthly support!

Difference Makers


Provides toiletries

for BridgeWay Emergency Youth Shelter Residents

Provides therapeutic materials for
our counseling

Provides one hour of counseling
for a youth & their family

Provides a one night of refuge, medical & psychiatric care to a BridgeWay Emergency
Youth Shelter

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Do you know of someone who may need our services? 

Please submit your information and we will contact you for details. 

If this is an emergency please dial 911 or if you would like to speak to someone immediately call our Crisis Hotline (888) 756-8682.

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