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Our counselors work with you to increase your self-awareness, self-confidence, communication and decision-making skills while empowering you to see your inner beauty, your strengths and your abilities to succeed. 



Addresses many types of issues related to a youth's family conflict including:

    • Child behavior problems

    • Communication

    • Coping with divorce or other loss

    • Parent and child relationships

    • Peer and school problems

    • Roles and expectations

    • Runaway behaviors

    • Truancy


Your child will be in a safe place to explore and resolve feelings, thoughts and behaviors. The counselor will meet with parents and guardians to ensure family awareness, cooperation, and to share the results of the counseling progress.

Crisis Response Team

(281) 292-6471



YES to YOUTH Crisis intervention staff provides 24-hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year crisis intervention to handle emergency and immediate crisis situations. No matter the crisis: runaways, family violence, family conflict, or just needing someone to talk to about their immediate issues. Our professional staff are there to assist troubled youth and their families with life-threatening situations and reconnect the family in a more positive and supportive relationship.


In case of an emergency, please call us immediately! Hotline services include:

24 Hour Crisis Intervention

(888) 756-8682



Groups that are requested by individual schools deal with issues such as aggressive behaviors, divorce, grief, effective communication, social skills, and gender-specific issues. Group counseling and skills development are provided by YES to YOUTH Youth and Family Services counselors and case managers at schools throughout Montgomery County.


Youth may be referred to group counseling by school counselors, parents or self-referral. Ask about our school group services as well which include classroom/school presentations, professional training series opportunities, and more.

24 Hour Crisis Intervention

(888) 756-8682



In partnership with school counselors, YES to YOUTH provides a crisis response team to address loss and trauma, such as the death of a student, teacher or school member. We provide:


  • Youth crisis counseling

  • Suicide prevention

  • Group intervention

  • Debriefing for youth, counselors, teachers and parents

  • Referrals to community crisis resources

24 Hour Crisis Intervention

(888) 756-8682

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