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YES to YOUTH seeks to empower youth and their families by building on their existing strengths,
expanding their opportunities and enhancing their lives


YES to YOUTH - Montgomery County Youth Services strengthens the emotional and mental health development of youth and families by providing crisis intervention, counseling, and suicide prevention services. We provide a safe and nurturing home where abused, battered, sex-trafficked, homeless, and at-risk youth begin healing from the past and become empowered for the future. 

Job Title:     Resident Advisor

Location:     Bridgeway Emergency Youth Shelter

Hours:          Full time

Summary of Resident Advisor Position:

To provide daily care and supervision, positive role-modeling, structure, and support to the youth in the Emergency Shelter Program and ensure their health, safety, and well-being are protected. The Shelter schedule is set a month at a time, but the ideal candidate will be able to pick up additional shifts with short notice.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following, and other duties may be assigned:

  • Maintaining a nurturing, therapeutic, and safe environment by establishing a consistent daily routine, providing appropriate supervision at all times; monitoring environment and mass media (movies, TV, radio, written materials, and cell phone usage) for appropriate content.

  • Assign and monitor completion of age-appropriate chores, develop, plan, and execute appropriate and enriching activities to decrease boredom and restlessness, and request necessary supplies for special occasions and/or special activities.

  • Maintaining living areas in a good state of cleanliness and order, and maintaining adequate supplies for cleaning.

  • Providing for the children’s physical needs by obtaining and helping children maintain clean, adequate, appropriate clothing and other personal items and by teaching children personal grooming habits and nutritional values.

  •  Recognizing signs and symptoms of illness, by treating minor ailments and seeking appropriate guidance from the shelter supervisor. Filling prescriptions as needed; administering medications as prescribed by the child's physician as well as monitoring for side effects.

  • Submitting prompt, accurate documents such as serious incident reports, daily logs, accident reports, restraint reports, etc.

  • Assist residents with goals, daily living activities, and transporting children when necessary.

  • Guiding children and establishing a trusting relationship with mutual respect, by listening to children with compassion and concern, by using praise and encouragement for positive behavior and consequences (natural or imposed) for inappropriate behavior, and by providing support for a child when needed.

  • Inspiring each child through innovative techniques to achieve their maximum potential and develop inner strength, being a positive leader in the shelter, and displaying appropriate boundaries and role modeling of adult interactions.

  • Positively interacting with parents, caseworkers, teachers, therapists and other staff by recognizing that children need to feel they are a part of a family, peer group and the community and avoiding criticism of children’s families and friends.

  • Responsible for supervising and interacting with residents while maintaining appropriate boundaries, communication, consistency, flexibility and compassion.

  • Conduct drug testing as requested by the Shelter Director.

  • Ability to work various shifts including nights and weekends.

  • Complete resident daily logs, record pertinent information, and staff the next shift workers.

  • Complete all training required by program management and DFPS licensing minimum standards such as; Trauma Informed Care, Recognizing and Reporting Child Sexual Abuse, Psychotropic Medication, Normalcy Training, and Sex Trafficking.

  • Perform other duties related to the job as assigned by the Shelter Director.

  • Minimum Education and Training:

  • High School Diploma or GED required; Bachelor’s degree strongly preferred.

  • Formal professional experience working with at-risk youth required; experience working with youth in a residential setting preferred.

  • Salary:- $15.00 – $17.00 per hour


YES to YOUTH -  is always looking for passionate individuals who are compassionate, empathetic and strive to make an impact in the lives of our youth. Join our growing team today! Submit your resume to

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